Nine returning Outliers for 2022-23 season

by Website Admin

The Utah Outliers will skate into the 2022-23 season with nine returning players. This is the greatest amount of returning players the team has ever had in its seven seasons as an organization. The group welcomes back forwards Miles McCue, Will Cohen, Donovan Burdette, Nikolas Schwab, Paul Waldhauser, and Leyton Pettypiece. Outliers' defense welcomes back Matthew Koepke and Alex Schluep. Last but not least, Marco Felicetti returns between the pipes.

These nine returners have all expressed their excitement in returning for another season with the Outliers. They are all very clear about their goals and expectations and they aren't shy about stating what they want to achieve.

Matthew Koepke -  "I am super excited to be back for another season and be part of this winning program. We want to continue our momentum over the past two years and claim another Mountain division title and chase down a national championship. In order for us to be successful this year, we will need to demonstrate strong leadership and play as a unified group. It is going to take a lot of work but I like what I have seen from our team in training camp."

Marco Felicetti - "I am grateful that the Outliers gave me a chance to play with them again this season. Last season ended in a disappointing way with me having surgery and being unable to compete in the playoffs. The goal for this team is simple, win a national championship. We need to build a strong bond between each member of the team and stick together through any adversity we face. I am looking to help contribute to our success and help the team in any way I can both on and off the ice."

Miles Mccue - "I am pumped to be back in Utah and playing for the Outliers this season. With nine returners back, we know what it takes to be a top team and we are fully committed to staying at the top of our division. Our standards and expectations are high and we want to be the last team standing in March. If we take care of our details and stay hungry I like our chances. It should be an exciting ride."

Alex Schluep - "There was no question that I wanted to return to the Outliers for my final season of junior hockey. I want to complete our mission and take home a national championship. We have already started building our habits as a team during training camp and we are gelling well as a group. In order for us to have success this season, we need to take full advantage of the daily work required to fulfill our goals. We will need everyone pulling in the same direction."

Leyton Pettypiece - "It's great to be back in Utah. I am excited to rejoin the program and play in front of our great fans and capture a national title. We need to come together as a group and build some strong friendships and then take that to the ice and play like we are capable of. We need to be dialed in, focused, and resilient all season long."

Will Cohen - "I am glad to be back for another year with the team. After a week of practice and meeting the guys, I believe we have a good mix of talent and character. The goals are the same as always with the Outliers, win a national championship. If we play our game and stick to our systems we will be a tough team to beat. I look to provide more leadership this season and help guide our new players in the right direction."

Nikolas Schwab - "This is a big season for all of us. I believe we are in a great position to achieve some awesome things as a team. I am excited to see how we come together and play with each other. We need to focus on our team standards and come ready to work every day whether it be on the ice or in the gym. I hope to take another step in my game and provide solid leadership throughout the season."

Paul Waldhauser - "After joining the team last year and seeing how the program was run I knew I wanted to return to the Outliers. I came back to have another chance at winning a national championship. Our guys will need to come to work with an intense dedication and also be committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve climbing the mountaintop. We know what we want to achieve and everyone needs to buy in, trust each other, and believe we can do it."

Donovan Burdette - "There is a lot of buzz around our team this season and a strong belief in what we can accomplish. We came close last season to winning a USPHL championship but it ended with a sour taste. We are more committed than ever to finishing the job this season. We have to stay in the present moment and come in every day with the mindset of getting better and improving as a team. I can't wait to take the next step with this group and prove that we are the best team in the USPHL Premier."