Outliers celebrate fifth season!

by Website Admin

The Utah Outliers officially kick-off the 2020-21 season celebrating the organization's fifth anniversary. The Utah Outliers were founded in 2016 and the team's name was inspired by the book “Outliers: The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell. The book focuses on outliers, a term used to describe people who are markedly different in value and stand out from the norm to become great at their craft. Through his research, Gladwell shows that behind every successful person are specific environments, training methods, accumulative advantages and opportunities that created the success for these elite performers. That is why our team often uses the tagline, 'Advantages Matter.' The Utah Outliers hockey program was born out of a vision to build a high performance hockey team, and has adopted many of the principles and theories from the book to create an 'outlier effect' with our players and team so we can stand out and be successful. 

"This is an exciting time for our team as we begin to enter our fifth season of the program," stated Head Coach Paul Taylor. "We have taken great pride in building our program into a successful franchise and helping our athletes achieve their academic and athletic goals. We're thrilled to celebrate this milestone with our fans, billet families, and volunteers. We look forward to the next five years of Outliers hockey and building upon our success."

A special commemorative 5th Anniversary logo will be used this season for marketing, player, and fan apparel. The players will wear a 5th year anniversary logo-sticker on their helmets as well as other clothing items that will feature the anniversary logo. We look forward to celebrating this commemorative year with all our players and fans.