FloHockey replaces HockeyTV

by Website Admin

The Utah Outliers are excited to announce the NCDC has officially partnered with FloHockey as its online livestream broadcast partner for the 2023-24 season. 

FloHockey has replaced HockeyTV and will be the official streaming platform for fans to follow all NCDC action and the Utah Outliers. FloHockey is designed and supported for viewing on PC, MAC, Android phones and tablets, and iOS phones and tablets. 

The platform will include all NCDC live games for pre-season, regular season, playoffs, and the Dineen Cup. 

To sign up and register for a FloHockey subscription click here:  https://www.flohockey.tv/signup

FAQs from FloHockey & HockeyTV

How will moving to FloHockey affect my Subscription?

How do I manage my account going forward?

Effective Aug. 1, all account management will be done through the FloHockey website or app. 

Will my HockeyTV subscription be renewed, or will I need to subscribe to FloHockey

If you have an active paid HockeyTV subscription, it will be transferred over to FloHockey and will renew automatically per the guidelines below:

  • If you only have HockeyTV subscription - Your subscription will continue to renew on its current HockeyTV billing date.
  • If you have both HockeyTV and FloHockey subscriptions - Your subscription will renew on the current FloHockey billing date.

Will my HockeyTV subscription price change after moving to FloHockey?

There will be no changes to your subscription pricing, billing frequency or currency. The transition should be seamless, with the only change being that you will now see FloHockey on your bank statement / credit card statement.